New at Sky Top

2019 Highlights

Vertical Expansion

You'll probably notice a big change when you visit this year and that is the new roof over the Fruit Stand. You may not have noticed in year's past but the Fruit Stand has been steadily expanding into the Orchard over the years with new floor slabs poured each winter. With each new patch of ground, we had to add more roofing. Eventually, we reached the point where the roof needed an overhaul to better address some runoff problems so over the winter and spring, we literally raised the roof. The result is a brand new look to the Fruit Stand but don't worry, we made sure to keep the charm you love and even added a bit more. An added benefit to the raised roof is that the heat rises high above now so even on the hottest days, the Fruit Stand has a pleasant temp. Be sure to have a good look around. We are thrilled with the fun new look and hope you will be too. 

U-Pick Changes

Like in years past, you prepay for apples and get a basket to venture into the Orchard for U-Pick. Previously, if you were picking Asian pears and apples, we asked you to separate those out and charged different prices for pears and apples. This year, we're keeping it simple so pick what you like and don't worry about keeping apples and pears separate. 

The same rule still applies regarding filling a basket. The U-Pick price is for a full basket of fruit. "Full" is when the fruit is even with the top of the sides of the basket - a level basket, not a rounded, spilling-over-the-top basket. If your basket is rounded, the fruit won't fit in the bags in the bagging area so just keep in mind that anything that doesn't fit will be put in a separate bag and you'll be charged the per pound rate for overages. As a rule of thumb, when you notice your basket is nearly 75% near the top edge of the basket, it's a good time to check with the kids and everyone filling the basket to see who has what in hand. Chances are, whatever they have is going to top off your basket and be a good stopping point. 

Expanded Map, Information Stands and Additional Signage 

It's easy to become disoriented when you are way out in the orchard and looking for a particular variety of apple so we have expanded our printed map to better guide you to your favorites. We have also added Information Stands out the various arms of the Orchard to help you stay oriented. Each stand will have a map showing where you are located and also the GPS coordinates of the stand if you need that for wayfinding. We have also marked the ends of each row with the variety name so you'll know when you have arrived. This year we are also going digital with our map so watch our site for a link to a detailed Google map to take you directly to your favorite spots and allow you to explore the Orchard with ease using your phone or tablet. (Data charges may apply). 

U-Pick Pumpkins! (Sort of) 

Our location is not ideal for growing pumpkins so though you can't pick your own pumpkin off the vine, we will now offer a designated pumpkin area where you can walk around and choose your own pumpkin from the display. It will be a great picture taking area as well so have those phones ready! Pumpkins arrive in late September. 

New Bee Train Route

Since our Bee Train is for younger children, we have relocated it closer to the Playground so you can play while waiting for your turn and then return to the Playground when the ride is over.

New Bakery Area 

We have always made our fresh apple pies on-site but often behind-the-scenes. This year, you'll be able to see inside our Bakery and purchase fresh treats right from this location. You'll find it near the Farmer's Market area in the back of the Fruit Stand. During certain times of the season, you'll even find ice cream to go with our baked goods. Baked goods will be available beginning mid August.

Fun Additions Here and There

We've relocated our bee hive to inside the Fruit Stand near the Cider Press displays and across from Kettle Korn. We also moved our informational bee signage to the Farmer's Market so you can learn about how honey is made before purchasing it to take home.

We have a display of the different cider presses we have used through the years.It's fun to see how technology improves the process.

Fun new places for selfies and photo ops - they'll be cropping up throughout the season. Watch for them. 

In addition to the playhouses, big apple and pumpkin houses, swing sets and sandbox in the Playground, we've also added a Fort. We tried to think of what we battle most on this mountain and hands down, it's Kudzu and we know all southerners can relate. You can see it creeping it's way up the mountain on your drive up but not to fear, Fort Kudzu is here. 

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